The New Look from Balenciaga Combines Old and New Styles


The bold creative head of Balenciaga, Demna, is back for his third fashion show. He’s taking us on a trip through Balenciaga’s long past this season. And what better place to do it than at 10 Avenue George V in Paris, where the name began? It was once an atelier but is now an office place as well. It’s a mix of old and new. The remodelled rooms have cool design touches, like smoked glass that breaks up the natural stone walls. These touches pay homage to the past while also looking to the future. Smooth and new, with the ethereal music of opera great Maria Callas playing in the background for eager fashion fans.

Balenciaga Nod to the Past: The First Look

The first look was a return to Balenciaga from the mid-1960s, made by the brand’s founder, Cristobal Balenciaga. Danielle Slavik, a model, walked out in a stunning midnight black dress adorned with silk flowers and a pearl necklace that was built right into the dress. Demna wants to connect old and new with this new version of an old song.

Balenciaga Changes to Tailoring: A Creative Touch

Clothes also got more exciting! Expect necklines that are too big, like the hems of suit jackets. Shoulders that are too sharp and waists that are too tight are back, which were signature Demna touches when he worked at Balenciaga. A lot of male outfits made from Japanese denim woven on old looms had classic prints like Prince of Wales check and pinstriped wool.

Trick of the Eye: There’s Trompe L’oeil everywhere

Also, trompe l’oeil was everywhere, but not in the way you might think. Instead of digital print, hand-painted jeans and fake fur were used. Button and lapels also had other patterns on them, like houndstooth and python.

Opening the Doors to Artistry: Evening Coats and More

Next came ankle-length evening coats with matching scarves. They looked like they were blowing in the wind but weren’t because master craftsmen spent two full days carefully shaping them by hand. This is proof of Balenciaga unmatched craftsmanship.

The show of complexity continued with hourglass dresses made entirely of Swiss guipure lace and form-fitting slips made of woven brass chainmail.

The Last Look: Getting Used to Technology

As the Balenciaga show came to a close, a jaw-dropping chrome masterpiece made from galvanised resin and 3D-printed armour was shown. It was met with thunderous praise from everyone. Not only was it beautiful, but it also showed how technology is taking over more and more of our lives and styles.