VALORANT Champions 2023: Special Guest

VALORANT Champions 2023: Special Guest

That’s not all that the VALORANT Champions 2023 event in Los Angeles was: it was a fight of the best gamers. But it was also a show with a lot of famous people who showed up out of the blue.

VALORANT Champions 2023: Elon Musk: Hooray and boos

When people in the crowd noticed that Elon Musk, the strange CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, was there, they all let out a collective gasp. People laughed and cheered when Musk showed up with his son, X-12.

Some of Musk’s friends did not like how he looked, though. When Musk showed up on the big screen between rounds of the tournament, the whole room was filled with anger. To get attention, Musk recently changed the name of the popular social networking site Twitter to the mysterious “X.” This possibly made a lot of people unhappy.

Why is Ben Affleck so nice?

In movies based on DC Comics, Ben Affleck plays Batman. He just showed up out of the blue and gave the game world a little Hollywood magic. Affleck did more than just show up and be seen; he made people happy. As people watched, the star bought toys for kids, turning the play area into a touching scene of kindness.

How Evil Geniuses Went from Being Least Likely to Winning

Even with all the flash and glitz, the real stars of the show were on the game stage. Some people thought Evil Geniuses wouldn’t win, but in an exciting final match against Paper Rex, they proved they were the best team. Evil Geniuses won the tough fight by a score of 3–1, which earned them the prized championship title and a nice $1,000,000 prize.

VALORANT Champions 2023: A journey through the last round from start to finish

Some people might not have been able to feel everything during the game, but the end bracket shows how things turned out. The bracket shows the whole journey of each team, from the first matches to the intense finals. This gives a full picture of how tough the competition was at the gaming site.

It wasn’t just about being good at the game. But at VALORANT Champions 2023; it was a meeting of worlds. The game more than just a game because Evil Geniuses shocked everyone by winning and Elon Musk and Ben Affleck took turns that no one saw coming with SLOTBANGJAGO. It was a memorable event that made the lines between e-sports and celebrity culture less clear. It was so much fun that people talked about VALORANT Champions 2023 long after the final match was over, whether they are big gamers or just like surprises involving famous people.