Nagita Slavina: The First Indonesian Artist to Own the Most Recent and Most Expensive Branded Bag?

nagita slavina branded bag

The beautiful public figure, Nagita Slavina, who is also known as “Gigi,” is a subject that can never be fully explored. She is interesting to learn about in every way, from her relationship with Raffi Ahmad to the clothes she wears.

Adding to the look of fashion: Nagita Slavina accessories

Nagita slavina branded bag Not only is her clothes interesting, but so are the smaller things she has chosen to wear with it to make her look better overall. This includes things like bags and boxes for glasses. Without fail, Nagita Slavina always takes advantage of any chance to seen with her bags in different places.

This was clear on the trip she took to Spain with her boyfriend Raffi not long ago. People saw Gigi holding a small bag with a well-known brand name on it. The brown colors were pretty dark.

It’s important to note that Gigi’s bag cost a lot—maybe around IDR 60 million—even though it’s not very big. And then, there writing next to the picture, “#NagitaSlavina is seen here carrying the Louis Vuitton ‘Side Trunk’ from, which costs $3,800 / 58,400,000 IDR.”

What the audience thought about Nagita Slavina branded bag

Internet users quickly reacted to the post on @fanpage_nagitaslavina in a lot of different ways, which caused a lot of trouble. Some people think that Nagita Slavina may the first artist to own the bag. It because the type she has is like to be the newest one that made.

Something someone on the website said: “This bag just came out, and you showed Nagita’s bag saying it just came out.”Someone else was very excited and said, “I think their sales team called her directly because no one else has it.” Some other things that people noticed about her were that she always seemed to be the first to wear new types of shoes, accessories, and clothes.

“Mama Gigi always seems to have the newest bags from all the different brands.” “It looks like she’s always buying new bags,” said someone else. A different person said something like, “I can’t believe the price.” Someone else on the site said, “Mama Gigi is the only artist I know of who puts branded bags in her armpits.”

The future is not clear

Nagita Slavina, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything about these reports until now. Because of this, it’s not clear if Gigi really is the first Indonesian artist to own the bag or if this is just a story.